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Village Office System
  ...from the developer  
The senior village concept originated in Boston's Beacon Hill around 1999 by a small group of individuals who decided they wanted to remain in their own homes and take care of themselves, rather than "being taken care of" as they age. The concept culminated in a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization being formed, and accepting its first members in January 2002. Since that time, over 200 villages have become operational, and many more are in development. Most are formed as independant non-profits, and are operated to serve a local community. The villages provide help to senior members of the community, primarily using volunteers.
When my wife, Ghislaine Davis, started South Bay Village to serve seniors in our city of Torrance, California, and the surrounding South Bay areas, we needed a way to help manage day-to-day operations. We did not find what we were looking for - the few available systems were too expensive and were make-do solutions.  However, since I have a background in computer programming, I resolved to create the perfect solution!

I developed the Village Office System (VOS) to help the volunteers to easily and efficiently perform all office functions required to run a senior village.  After several years of VOS development, I have configured it so that the system can be customized and used by any other village.  It is very specifically designed to meet the needs of senior village daily operations.

I do not intend to profit personally from this service offering. You may be interested to know that my sole motive for selling the Village Office System as a service to other villages, is to be able to donate more to South Bay Village. So, after the normal costs of running a business, I donate profits to help further the village concept.

Please learn more about the Village Office System and consider using it for your own senior village, or village-like organization.

                                                                            --- Mark Davis, Developer/Programmer

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