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  Village Office System
Continuous Improvement Program
  If you become a paid subscriber, you will automatically become a development contributor. As a user of the system, when you have an idea that will improve ths system, you may submit it for implementation consideration. We will evaluate the feasibility and difficulty of implementing each suggestion. Then, we will prioritize and add functionality and reports as time permits.  As we add these additional features, all subscribers will benefit without any additional cost.

If we add a new PDF form, or improve an existing one, all subscribers may receive a copy of it for use in their own organizations.

All of this means that for as long as you pay the annual subscription fee, you not only have use of the best system available for village operations, you will also receive every improvement, enhancement, and form that is developed for the system! Other providers may charge an ever-increasing fee based on size of your database, or number of members and contacts being maintained. However, with the Village Office System, you may manage any size database at no additional charge!

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